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A key factor in successfully managing a commercial office space or facility is a properly maintained and operating HVAC system. While your current system may have served you well for many years, you will inevitably find yourself spending more time putting in calls for repairs or finding your energy bills on the rise.

When Should I Upgrade My HVAC System?

While different HVAC systems may vary in their longevity, and factors like usage come into play, the average commercial HVAC system tends to last an average of at least 10-12 years. With that in mind, you could still find yourself in a situation where your building or facility may have had an improperly installed and commissioned HVAC system. These services including post-construction commissioning, re-commissioning, and recurring issue resolution related to an improperly installed system would require attention well before the average lifespan of a properly installed and commissioned HVAC system.

Other reasons why you might want to upgrade your facility’s HVAC system include rising energy costs, the desire for new options, such as built-in UV purification, and, of course, increased system problems. Upgrading before a complete system failure is always the better choice so you can plan the timing and expense instead of having a crisis on the coldest or hottest day of the year.

How Long Does It Take to Install A New HVAC System?

The square footage and needs of the building will affect how long it takes to installing a new HVAC system. You’re typically looking at about 3 days worth of work, and depending on how much is being upgraded and expanded upon, it could potentially last longer. In order to have the least impact in your building or facility’s functionality, consider installation during the offseason.

How Do I Know If I Need A New HVAC System?

Multiple signs will indicate that it’s time for a new commercial HVAC system beyond it reaching the end of its average lifespan that include:

  • Unexpected Rise in Utility Costs
  • Uneven Heating/Cooling
  • Unusual Noises
  • Unusual Odors
  • Excessive Moisture Buildup

If you notice any of these issues with the HVAC system in your building, you may want to inquire about repairs and in some cases, you may even need emergency repair work to keep your building functioning. You can help prevent your HVAC system from getting to the point of needing emergency repairs by consulting with experienced professionals on when to upgrade your system.

For additional ease and peace of mind, talk to us about Donnelly Mechanical’s turnkey solutions to HVAC upgrades. This way we handle everything for you from start to finish instead of having to deal with a general contractor.

Schedule Your NYC Commercial HVAC Maintenance with Donnelly Mechanical

At Donnelly Mechanical, our experienced team is always ready to handle all of your commercial HVAC system needs. Don’t let an outdated HVAC system cost you time, money, and productivity. An upgraded HVAC system will cut your energy costs, improve the quality of air in your building, and the overall quality of life of the people using your facilities, and it will free up your time to focus on other important aspects of building and facility management. With more than 30 years of experience, Donnelly Mechanical has NYC’s leading team of experts in commercial HVAC system efficiency. Reach out to us today!

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