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Law Firm Industry HVACProductivity. Profitability.

Proper maintenance of your law firm’s office HVAC and computer room air conditioning (CRAC) systems is essential. Costly, unscheduled downtimes affect the productivity of your people and your computers.

Computers have long been considered mission critical in law firms; however, with the increasing automation of legal services, and the introduction of “productivity engines,” they are fast becoming key revenue generators.

Your people. Your computers. Both affect your profitability. Both rely on the uninterrupted and optimal performance of your HVAC systems.

Donnelly’s more than 30 years as a premier commercial HVAC service provider to New York City’s top law firms means we understand your industry and your needs.

Cost Saving Strategies.

Custom maintenance plans are strategically based on a preliminary audit and comprehensive assessment of your equipment. A helpful resource to facilitate proactive solutions to avoid costly repairs, the assessment also helps to uncover ways to improve energy efficiency and lower costs.

Experience You Can Count On

Commercial HVAC maintenance, repair, retrofitting and replacement – Donnelly has you covered.

When you’re ready to switch service providers, Donnelly Mechanical offers you more than 30 years of Contract Transition success.

Our designated Contract Transition team develops your custom profile and manages all the details to ensure consistent, cost-effective service.

Over 1,700 businesses in the NYC area trust Donnelly’s commercial HVAC services.

Let us work for you too.

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