Blue Box’s Commitment to Improved Indoor Air Quality

Blue Box™ is an innovative HVAC solution that offers coil disinfection and restoration — all while offering extra protection and extending the life of your coils.

The patented process uses non-toxic bio-enzymes to penetrate all depths of coils, bringing HVAC systems back to peak efficiency.

Our partnership with Blue Box allows our field service team to combat the growing concerns around indoor air quality in New York City

Restoring Coil Health

Coils within an HVAC foul quickly. The biggest issue is biological fouling, which forms deep within the coils. Biofouling inhibits air flow and heat transfer and is the source of most operational problems in HVAC systems.

Treatment Process

Keep the Air Handler On

Inject Enzymes into the Coils in a Foam Phase

Allow the Airflow to Migrate the Enzyme Foam Through the Coils



  • pH Neutral Bio-Enzyme
  • Odorless & Low Pressure
  • Zero Damage


  • Removes Biofilm & Blockages
  • Disinfects Entire Depth of Coils
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality


  • Zero Downtime
  • Increases HVAC Efficiency
  • Extends Equipment Life

Cleaning & Disinfection of HVAC Systems

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