Continuous Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Transparent, Live Data Accessible from Anywhere

Knowing the quality of your indoor air is a key ingredient to providing assurance for the safety of your tenants and employees. Our baseline IAQ survey measures for key specific pollutants that could be contaminating your space.

We deploy a network of sensors to proactively evaluate your space and alert when a threat is identified with real-time monitoring. These sensors actively monitor CO2, temperature, humidity, VOCs and particulate matter through live reporting and dashboards.

Each device measures gas and particulate pollutants along with essential IAQ parameters to help you optimize and achieve indoor air quality. Track real-time indoor air quality conditions in your Space.

With remote access to data and device operation controls, you’ll have what is needed to make impactful decisions- anytime, anywhere.

Gray Wolf Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Setup

We Actively Monitor IAQ for


Temperature and Humidity


PM 2.5

PM 10

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