2 Ways to Achieve Greater Sustainability with Commercial HVAC Systems

Commercial HVAC systems are a major source of energy consumption in most buildings. When equipment doesn’t receive regular maintenance, these systems can become less efficient, wasting even more energy in addition to consuming large amounts of energy. For these reasons, commercial HVAC is a common sustainability priority for building owners and facility managers.

There are many smaller maintenance items that may improve the energy efficiency of commercial HVAC systems.

But to truly improve the sustainability of your operations, there are two different ways to make a big difference in energy consumption in the long-term.

1. Commercial HVAC High-Efficiency Upgrades

The most immediate and effective way of achieving greater sustainability is to upgrade existing HVAC equipment to the latest high-efficiency HVAC technology. Smaller maintenance items can lead to incremental efficiency improvements, but cutting-edge commercial HVAC systems are drastically more energy efficient when compared to existing systems.
In many cases, this can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% when proper preventative maintenance is conducted. During peak summer months, newer commercial HVAC systems can save minimally 15% off utility bills. Upgrading to high-efficiency systems can free up thousands of dollars to allocate elsewhere.

2. Commercial HVAC Commissioning

Commercial HVAC commissioning is another way to achieve greater sustainability. Sometimes, contractors may install or start up HVAC equipment improperly and the performance problems are immediately apparent. Other times HVAC systems may never achieve their full potential and run inefficiently for years.

Commissioning of HVAC equipment with a knowledgeable commercial HVAC service provider can uncover key performance issues after a detailed analysis and inspection of the entire system. Once the problems are identified, a prioritized list of repair items can be created to promptly resolve all performance issues and get commercial HVAC systems to operate at peak productivity.

Maintenance tasks such as duct sealing and insulation, preserving airflow, and replacing HVAC filters, among other things, are important to do on a regular basis for improving HVAC efficiency, but they’re only a small step towards achieving higher sustainability.

High-efficiency upgrades to equipment and commercial HVAC commissioning are the best two ways to make a major and immediate impact on sustainability levels in your building.

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