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Donnelly Mechanical recently invested in a leadership workshop with Steve Thomas, a leadership speaker, and coach, who encourages leaders and employees alike to see workplace challenges in a new light while enabling those around them.

Donnelly’s leadership team took part in the workshop and passed along the information they learned to the rest of the company. This initiative was part of an ongoing effort to nurture a company culture of leadership and excellence – something that’s been at the very core of Donnelly’s services for decades.

Donnelly Understands How Company Culture Leads to Better Commercial HVAC Service

Any given company is comprised of people with different backgrounds, education, and upbringing. Understanding these differences and building the trust required to form highly effective, productive teams all begins with a supportive, encouraging company culture.

Trust, understanding, and accountability are some of the key ingredients for an all-star team. Building a company culture that fosters these attributes isn’t easy but is often the result of encouraging every single employee to approach every day with a leadership mentality.

When all employees have a leadership mentality, they come to work every day as the best version of themselves. This directly correlates to better commercial HVAC service for our customers. Personal accountability for the health of your HVAC system, combined with more confident decision making from a trusting team, yields incredible results.

Empowering Donnelly Employees to Keep the Company Constantly Moving Forward

Donnelly has been NYC’s premier commercial HVAC contractor for 30+ years. We believe that the leadership our employees demonstrate on a daily basis, and the ownership they take on every project, has been the key to our long history of success.

The workshop with Steve Thomas led to some fascinating insights into the nature of leadership in the workplace. Our leadership team is able to leverage this information to continue to empower our employees in ways that help us to keep Donnelly Mechanical constantly moving forward.

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