NYC Cooling Tower Maintenance Plan & Inspection Services To Keep You Compliant

Local Law 77 Requires Cooling Tower Maintenance Plans and Inspections by a “Qualified Professional”

Legionella is a serious public health hazard. Accordingly, a cooling tower maintenance plan and inspection by a qualified professional is mandated by New York City and the state. From documenting daily water treatment procedures to exhaustive inspection checklists, remaining compliant takes vigilance. A single misstep can lead to non-compliance, severe fines and a host of liability issues.

Qualified Professional Services From a Trusted Source

Partnering with distinguished cooling tower specialists NYC Cooling Tower Inspections & Services (NYC-CTIS), Donnelly Mechanical wants to ensure you can easily get the cooling tower services you need from a trusted source. With a Certified Water Technologist as lead, NYC-CTIS provides expertise in:

  • Cooling Tower Maintenance Programs and Plans
  • Cooling Tower Inspections & Compliance
  • Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Cooling Tower Consulting Services
  • Legionella Remediation
  • Violations Help

Donnelly Mechanical is proud to partner NYC Cooling Tower Inspections & Services to bring you comprehensive cooling tower services and peace of mind!

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