August 29, 2017

hvac high efficiencyThe banking industry is changing quickly, but banks can still find innovative ways to achieve leaner, more profitable operations. For banks, HVAC high efficiency upgrades and retrofits can provide a much needed source of cost containment during an extended period of uncertainty.

High efficiency HVAC equipment is about far more than going green. The energy savings from more efficient HVAC systems can contribute in meaningful ways to the bottom line.

Commercial HVAC as Smart Investment for Banks

New technology, a widespread need for cost containment, and non-traditional, disruptive start-ups are all changing the banking industry as we know it. Traditional banks constantly need to innovate in order to keep up and retain market share.

This is why right now is the perfect time for banks to invest in high efficiency HVAC equipment, or to at least replace their old HVAC systems. An investment in HVAC is reliable – you know exactly what you’re getting in return. Also, the moment the new system is in place, you start saving money right away at a consistent, predictable rate.

Investing in high efficiency HVAC equipment provides reliable, predictable ROI, which helps banks be more profitable and leaner in their operations.

Bank of America Goes All In on HVAC High Efficiency

Bank of America Corporation (BAC) is a perfect example of leveraging HVAC upgrades to boost the bottom line. As part of BAC’s national environmental initiative to reduce greenhouse gases, facilities in San Francisco were identified as prime targets to reduce energy consumption.

After wide-scale HVAC upgrades, repairs and retrofits, the San Francisco facility reduced their energy consumption by more than 2.5 million kilowatt hours, and saved $335,000, in the first year after installations. They surpassed their environmental goals and saved hundreds of thousands on operating expenses.

BAC is a great example of a company making the smart choice to invest in high efficiency HVAC and finding significantly reduced operating costs. While their goals were ultimately environmental, it was the confidence they would see quick ROI that justified the investment in the first place.

HVAC is a major operating cost for most banks. Commercial HVAC upgrades and retrofits are wise investments for banks during uncertain times.

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