Cooling Tower Installation & Maintenance for HVAC Cost Savings

Cooling towers comprise a significant amount of a building’s annual energy consumption. Oftentimes, even modest improvements in energy efficiency can translate into big savings over the life of the cooling tower. Additionally, cooling towers are a known source of legionella, and with NYC’s strict regulations regarding the upkeep and treatment of cooling towers, violations can lead to costly fines.

The installation and maintenance of cooling towers presents several opportunities for significant cost savings through energy efficiency and avoiding costly fines.

Cooling Tower Installation Cost Savings

Many new cooling towers are specifically designed with antimicrobial properties to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. This can help building owners avoid future fines due to Legionella growth. Also, these cooling towers tend to be smaller by design, reducing the size of cranes and equipment needed for installation, which reduces the overall cost of installation.

Some new cooling towers feature smaller, more energy-efficient fans too, which also provides cost savings for many years. The right commercial HVAC contractor will be able to help with the selection and installation of energy efficient cooling towers.

Cooling Tower Maintenance Cost Savings

The proper mechanical maintenance of cooling towers can yield significant cost savings for building owners. For example, cooling tower fans and gearboxes are subject to excessive wear and tear. Without proper monitoring and maintenance, these components can fail, leading to costly downtime for cooling towers.

Additionally, regular preventative maintenance of the mechanical components of a cooling tower helps keep all systems running at peak performance. Older components that run less efficiently use more energy to compensate. When systems are operating at peak performance, they consume less power and contribute to overall cost savings.

Cooling tower installation and maintenance presents many different opportunities for cost savings. While avoiding fines and preventing legionella growth is important, cooling towers can be installed and maintained for energy efficiency, which yields meaningful savings.

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