October 15, 2019

Modern commercial HVAC systems are much more advanced and well-designed than comparable systems from twenty (or even ten) years ago. They tend to be more efficient, quieter, and many times more economical. However, a common thread that links all commercial HVAC systems is the need for maintenance and upkeep at regular intervals.

Thanks to advances in design and material choices, modern commercial HVAC maintenance may need to happen comparatively less often as compared to the past, but it still remains vitally important to the longevity of the system. Perhaps the simplest and most effective maintenance task, though, is regular cleaning.

4 Important Reasons to Have an HVAC System Cleaned Regularly

  • Outdoor Pollution- Air circulated by commercial HVAC systems is usually not completely independent from outside air. This is by design, as commercial HVAC systems depend on the blending of outside air to help keep the inside air fresh. In dense urban areas such as New York City, this can pose a small problem because of the amount of pollutants that are present outdoors. Outdoor particulate matter, such as engine exhaust, pollen, and construction dust can accumulate in the HVAC system over time. Cleaning this out helps to reduce tenant exposure.
  • Indoor Pollution- Indoor pollutants such as mold, mites, pet dander, and off-gasses from construction materials are usually filtered out by a well-functioning commercial HVAC system. If the system is dirty, it loses efficiency and is less effective in removing these things from the air. Additionally, commercial HVAC cleaning can help to reduce or eliminate the “musty” odor than can be present if the system is dirty.
  • Pests- A commercial HVAC system, as mentioned earlier, usually can’t be completely sealed off from the outside environment. It is possible, therefore, for pests such as ants, spiders, and even rats to take up residence in parts of the system. Regular cleaning is a good way to remove these unwanted guests, and to ensure that the indoor environment is as clean as possible.
  • Efficiency– Building owners have to account for many costs in the operation of their buildings. The HVAC system helps to provide a comfortable and productive environment for tenants, but also represents a big cost. One way to help reduce this cost is to have the system cleaned and maintained regularly. A clean and well-maintained system is one that operates at maximum efficiency and minimized cost.

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