March 26, 2019

You may be wondering why any sort of upgrade to your commercial HVAC system is necessary. You made the investment so why upgrade? As your HVAC systems age, performance and energy efficiency suffer, increasing operating costs and introducing unnecessary risk into your operations.

There are many benefits from high-efficiency upgrades. Among the most impactful include improvements in system performance and energy efficiency, particularly when it comes to unit and system controls, as well as fan speeds.

The Value of Modern Unit and Systems Controls<

At the unit level, modern controls systems offer the ultimate protection by monitoring hundreds of unit and component points to eliminate error. Many also include automated unit protection routines, as well as self-healing features to prevent unsafe operating thresholds, all managed with an easy-to-use touch screen.

At the supervisory level, modern controls offer several ways to optimize system performance. Quickly retrieve actionable performance data and automate system diagnostics and trending. With system-level controls, up to 50% efficiency gains can be realized, in addition to 30% reduction in deployment costs1.

Unit and system controls offer several energy efficiency and performance benefits HVAC systems.

The Savings Potential of Variable Speed Drives and EC Fans

A variable speed drive (VSD) is an electromechanical component that can be added to a fan motor to gain greater control over a fan’s energy consumption. The same results can be achieved by installing EC fans in existing motors or blower assemblies. Essentially, VSDs and EC Fans allow a unit to reduce a fan’s speed and power draw as the load decreases, creating significant savings in energy consumption. In fact, a 20% reduction in fan speed translates to nearly 50% savings in fan power consumption. That is critical to your bottom line.

In addition to all of this, EC fans have several benefits of their own. They reduce maintenance and replacement costs as there are no belts or belt dust. These components feature higher reliability, uptime, and deliver a standard payback period of around 2 years. Often, existing infrastructure or floor tile configuration do not need to be changed to implement EC Fans, streamlining the upgrade process.

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