The Importance of Data Center HVAC for the Summer Season

Data center HVAC is never more important than it is during the hot summer season. The performance of a data center is correlated to its consistent, efficient operation. According to a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, sponsored by Emerson Network Power, weather is one of the most common causes of data center outages, with outages costing more than $9,000 per minute on average.

The effect of data center outages is felt particularly strong in the financial services industry, who tend to lose the most money in the event of an outage. Data center HVAC is vitally important, especially during the summer.

What Challenges Does Summer Present to Data Center HVAC?

Summer presents unique challenges to data center HVAC when compared to the other seasons of the year. Basically, the most direct problem, is that it increases the risk of permanent damage or lost data in a data center.

In the winter, if a computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit fails, the performance of back up chillers or air conditioners isn’t as critical because of the cold weather. If an HVAC system failure occurs in the summer, the race is on to get all systems back up and running before any damage occurs to the servers.

Protecting Data Centers Against the Summer Weather

One of the most effective ways to protect data centers from the summer weather is to schedule routine, preventative maintenance from an experience commercial HVAC contractor. Regular maintenance keeps all HVAC systems running at peak performance and fixes potential problems before they arise and cause a system failure.

Further, ensuring the commercial HVAC contractor you choose has the ability to provide rapid responses to HVAC emergencies is just as important. An HVAC system could still go down even with preventative maintenance. Finding a timely resolution to data center HVAC problems minimizes the risk and damage from the failure.

Data centers can be effectively protected against the hot summer weather in a number of ways but hiring an experienced commercial HVAC contractor that can perform preventative maintenance and emergency repair is one of the best.

Data center HVAC is never more important than it is during the summer. With mission-critical data and thousands of dollars on the line, data center HVAC should be a priority for you this summer.

Donnelly Mechanical has decades of expertise performing data center HVAC maintenance and emergency repair. Trust our technical expertise and long track record of success for your data center HVAC.

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