January 26, 2016

The HVAC system in your office is one of the most complex systems you look after. Believe it or not, it’s easily as complicated as the electrical systems and sewage. Just like these other facets of your operation, an HVAC system that isn’t working properly can be full of nasty – and costly – issues for your enterprise to deal with. Even health and safety could be impacted.

Unfortunately, many people put off HVAC maintenance because they think it’s comparable to working with a
air conditioning vent in office buildingsmall-scale heater or AC unit. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth! Your office HVAC has hundreds of important parts, not just two or three major areas of concern. The bigger the building, the greater your system’s sheer size and scope.

Let’s take a look at some of the most sophisticated and challenging aspects of your HVAC system:

Your Control System

When it comes to your system, ensuring your settings are correct isn’t always as simple as using a central control panel. Modern HVAC systems can incorporate sensors that keep track of things like temperature, airflow, and even air quality. While these systems offer superior performance, they are also sensitive to electrical issues and other problems.

Sustainable, Yet Affordable Features

Sustainability has become a watchword for office spaces in New York City. While the most complex regulations target those whose property is 50,000 square feet or larger, everyone in the commercial economy needs to have a strategy for reducing energy use. These features present their own engineering challenges, so they have to be calibrated carefully.

Metering – for Compliance & Savings

Due to regulations, more properties are being required to incorporate systems for proactive metering. This usually focuses on electricity use, although water and other systems can also be impacted. In the long run, metering is positive – it allows you to get the most from cost-cutting measures.

Indoor Air Quality & Filtration

Indoor air quality is a major issue in offices. Indoor air can be up to twice as polluted as outdoor air. Both employees and customers can find allergies and respiratory conditions aggravated by this – reducing productivity and rising absenteeism. Carbon filtration banks can be valuable in maintaining excellent air quality, as can processes to minimize the intake of untreated outdoor air.

“Dense Packed” Work Environments

Often, business leaders maximize productivity and minimize costs by “dense packing”—getting as many employees as possible into available space. This can be efficient with the right approach, but it compounds all of the interior climate issues an HVAC system needs to manage, including air quality and temperature control. As a general rule, the more people in your space, the more proactive your maintenance strategy should be.

Getting the most from your office HVAC is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Call Donnelly Mechanical today to learn about our integrated, all-in-one preventive maintenance service.

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