Why You Should Schedule Your Commercial HVAC Maintenance Now

February is the ideal time to schedule your commercial HVAC preventative maintenance. As winter packs its final punch, it’s crucial to ensure your HVAC system will perform efficiently through the rest of the winter — and that it’s all ready for the spring switch over.

Why Get HVAC Maintenance Now?

Whether you’re in an office complex, apartment building or large commercial workspace, HVAC maintenance tune-ups can:

  • Identify small problems before they get worse: Think about your HVAC system like your car or your body. You know if you ignore a small problem now, fixing it later is more complicated, costly, and could affect other parts. HVAC works the same way. A tune-up is like drilling a small cavity before it turns into a root canal. A tune-up with your seasonal winter HVAC maintenance can ensure uninterrupted operation of your mission critical systems.
  • Save money: Regular HVAC maintenance allows you to be proactive as your existing system ages, which saves money in the long term. Simple solutions, such as cleaning your system, changing the air filters, etc., have a positive effect on your budget, making both heating and cooling more efficient. Additionally, clean filters and ducts improve the quality of air that your employees or tenants breathe.
  • Provide you with a status report: No one likes nasty surprises. As part of our HVAC maintenance and tune-up, we’ll let you know the status of your HVAC system so you can more easily plan for future expenses, upgrades, and repairs.

What Does Commercial HVAC Maintenance Involve?

A thorough HVAC maintenance appointment involves inspecting your HVAC system, repairing any issues, calibrating the thermostat, lubricating moving parts, testing electrical components and safety controls, adjusting blower components, cleaning the system, and much more.

During a winter HVAC maintenance and servicing, you may choose to have either winter or summer systems checked. However, we recommend doing both — with winter winding down and spring about to arrive, it’s the ideal time to check everything out. In case of potential issues, we can also help you price out necessary upgrades, and prioritize the needs of your system for your budgeting purposes.

We can repair many problems on-site as we find them, but larger problems may need separate scheduled service. Most maintenance tasks involve small, regular, important actions. Other tune-up tasks include:

  • Changing filters. Clean filters mean improved indoor air quality. Dirty filters force your system to work harder and run inefficiently as well as an increased risk for colds, allergic reactions, and more.
  • Lubricating moving parts. Without proper lubrication, friction can eventually lead to worn parts and a breakdown.
  • Adding insulation. If we find gaps or loose seals, we can add insulation for proper system efficiency.
  • Thermostat check. We’ll make sure your thermostat is functioning properly and will advise you on the temperature settings.
  • Electrical component testing. Ensuring everything is working at the proper voltage ensures efficiency and safety.

Schedule Your NYC Commercial HVAC Maintenance With Donnelly Mechanical

New York City provides a challenging environment even for well-run commercial buildings. At Donnelly Mechanical, we have an experienced team ready to help. Prevent larger problems today with regular HVAC inspections, cleanings, maintenance, and tune-ups. A well-maintained HVAC system can make your building more energy-efficient, comfortable, and much easier to manage in the long run.

With over 30 years of experience, Donnelly Mechanical is proud to have NYC’s leading team of experts in commercial HVAC system efficiency. Reach out to us today!

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