December 5, 2017

Hospitals are complex environments that require special HVAC system design, maintenance and repair considerations. HVAC systems are responsible for keeping indoor air quality (IAQ) high and providing a safe temperature for patients and staff alike.

There’s a lot on the line when it comes to hospital HVAC repair and maintenance. Downtime can be catastrophic for business and for patients. Repairing problems right away to minimize downtime and completing preventative maintenance is critical for safe operations in a hospital environment.

How are Hospitals Dependent on Proper Hospital HVAC Systems?

Hospitals need a functional HVAC system to stay operational. This is especially true for places like a clean room or an operating room. Air-exchange, humidity, pressure and temperature have to be precise in such environments to minimize the risk of infection for patients.

However, even outside of the operating room, HVAC systems are required to not only keep high IAQ levels, but maintain specific temperatures to minimize bacterial growth throughout the hospital. And not to mention, hospitals have to run 24/7 which leads to huge levels of energy consumption. A well-maintained HVAC system can help reduce operating costs in addition to providing a safe environment.

There are stringent standards and many industry guidelines when it comes to the performance of a hospital HVAC system.

What Happens When a Hospital HVAC System Goes Down?

When a hospital HVAC system went down in Lancaster, PA last year, the whole hospital shut down for over three hours. Surgical procedures were delayed and other emergency situations had to be rerouted to other hospitals.

Employees claimed the hospital’s temperature immediately spiked. It got so bad there was fog in the hallways and operating rooms. All in all, the HVAC failure caused the hospital around a million dollars in damages to supplies.

Hospital HVAC repair is critical to operations. A hospital can’t function without an HVAC system, as the unlucky hospital in Lancaster has shown. Downtime simply is not an option for hospitals.

Hospital HVAC repair and preventative maintenance to avoid downtime is crucial. Choosing a commercial HVAC partner you can trust pays dividends every day a hospital is operational.

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