HVAC Systems in Power Plants

power plant hvac systemsHVAC systems in power plants are especially important. Every tweak toward better performance has a dramatic impact on the community and on the people who rely upon the facility. Even a slight “tweak” may ultimately save millions of dollars. It could also improve quality of life for millions of people who rely on the facility.

HVAC Systems Are Essential to Safe Power Plant Operation

Plant equipment often costs tens of millions of dollars to maintain, yet the HVAC system may be the last item on the list in terms of regular maintenance. Yet, without the function of a well-maintained HVAC system, all the other components may be at greater risk of malfunction.

Routine maintenance is absolutely essential to preventing problems with these critical HVAC systems. However, even this important step must be augmented to prevent a major problem. As a result, many plants are adopting Predictive Maintenance to optimize their operations.

Predictive Maintenance May Ensure Power Plants Can Achieve Optimal Results

Preventive maintenance is a key part of ongoing operations for many different enterprises. However, power plants must be held to an even higher standard. Predictive maintenance has been possible for many decades, but has reached an even higher level in recent years.

Leveraging technologies from the Internet of Things, various sensors and Internet-enabled systems are able to predict possible faults in existing HVAC system components. Detailed performance information over time makes it possible to recognize the changes that might suggest the possibility of system failure in the future – either months, weeks, or days away.

Predictive maintenance also delivers bottom line results:

  • Greater power output and lower overall costs for end users and energy recipients;
  • Higher level of awareness on performance degradation and potential safety issues;
  • Reduced personnel hours spent on maintenance before it is actually necessary;
  • Significant improvement in safety for maintenance personnel at all levels.

HVAC systems in power plants are often far more sophisticated than those in other commercial buildings. Unlike other structures, power plants might have multiple different locations that absolutely must achieve a consistent low temperature.

As a result, safety and efficiency personnel should look into the possibility of launching a comprehensive Internet of Things sensor system for any power plant. This will help staff to isolate problems and recognize the early symptoms of issues before they become significant.

Naturally, it’s imperative that such a system be tested in great detail before it is launched.

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