September 27, 2016

hvac systems in hospitalsHVAC systems in hospitals having proper design and maintenance is essential in healthcare. The system must maintain high standards of performance 24 hours a day to facilitate a world class quality of care.

Let’s consider just how critical healthcare HVAC systems can be.

An Effective HVAC System Controls Risk from Hospital-Acquired Infections

From an operational standpoint, an effective HVAC system is indispensable.

Every hour of the day, the HVAC system needs to contribute to the overall goal of suppressing hospital-acquired infections. According to research by the Centers for Disease Control, one in 25 patients in the U.S. will suffer at least one infection acquired in the healthcare environment.

In 2011, that worked out to about 722,000 incidents.

Where does the HVAC system fit in? Through the use of specialized HEPA filters, healthcare HVAC systems can reduce the prevalence of particulate matter in the care environment. This supports the ongoing, multi-faceted efforts of medical personnel to prevent infections.

hvac systems in hospitalsDifferent Patients Have Different Temperature Requirements

From the perspective of a visitor, it might seem like a hospital is “always cold.” In fact, a facility can often benefit from several temperature zones with proactive monitoring to ensure each one remains consistent. Humidity should also be tracked and optimized.

To give just one example, burn patients may require a warm environment to reduce the rate of their metabolic processes. Those recovering from head trauma typically receive care in a cool environment, and some treatments rely on it. In cases like these, a HVAC system issue can adversely affect care and may even lead to serious health consequences.

Energy Efficiency Helps Hospitals Curb Costs

It’s an unfortunate reality that many hospitals face severe budget constraints. In a study, the U.S. Department of Energy highlighted the case of Lewis County General Hospital in Lowville, New York. The 214-bed facility achieved a $7,500 annual savings through HVAC retrofitting, recouping 50% of the costs using the Energy Smart rebate program.

It’s important to note that the Lewis County General Hospital case, while impressive, took place back in 2006. With today’s technology and methods, it’s often possible to achieve even greater savings. The bigger the facility, the more it stands to gain.

Hospitals Need Reliable Experts for HVAC System Optimization

For hospitals, even an hour of poor HVAC system performance is far too long. To achieve exceptional performance and energy efficiency, healthcare leaders need to work with experts who can ensure that system upgrades are managed in a controlled, predictable way.

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