September 3, 2019

Modern commercial HVAC systems are designed and built to provide many years of reliable, efficient service. To help increase the lifespan of your system, and to ensure it is operating optimally, it is important to have the air ducts professionally cleaned periodically, in addition to routine maintenance. The ductwork is integral to the HVAC system and proper maintenance can lead to better system performance and better indoor air quality.

What Do Air Ducts Do?

A modern commercial HVAC system is usually built around a combined HVAC unit, which performs tasks such as heating, cooling, and cleaning the air inside a building. The system of ductworks and piping transports air to different parts of the building. Ducting is precisely designed to provide air, at proper volume, to the parts of a building that need it.

How Can I Tell If My Building’s Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned?

Here are a few common issues to keep an eye out for:

  • Diminished Air Flow – In the winter, you may notice the heat not working effectively. In the summer, maybe the building never really cools off that well. Perhaps a distinct lack of airflow is noticed. Any one (or more) of these is a good indicator that the ductwork is clogged or otherwise restricted.
  • Dirty Air Filters – One of the easiest things to do to maintain an HVAC system is to regularly replace the filters. Since the filters are always exposed to the full airflow of the system, they can be a good bellwether for the system’s overall state. For example, if they seem to be getting excessively dirty, even when replaced regularly, this can be an indicator of dirty or clogged ducts.
  • Mold Growth – If mold growth is noticed on walls or ceilings which have already been cleaned, it can be evidence that there is diminished airflow due to clogged air ducts.
  • Animal Droppings – The presence of animal droppings in or around an HVAC system’s vents is an unfortunate indicator that they need to be inspected and cleaned. This usually involves a call to both a professional HVAC service company and to an exterminator.
  • Dirty Return Grill – One simple thing to do to ascertain the state of air ducts is to visually check the air return grill. The air return is a vent that removes air from a room and transports it back to the main HVAC unit. If the grill on this vent is dirty, it might be good evidence that the ductwork is dirty as well.
  • Time Since Last Cleaning – Regular maintenance and upkeep is important to ensure optimum performance of an HVAC system. Although every environment has its own requirements, it is typically recommended to have air ducts professionally cleaned every three to five years. If the ducts in your building haven’t been cleaned in this time frame, it might be time to make an appointment for air duct cleaning services.

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