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commercial hvac maintenanceKeeping your HVAC system operating at peak efficiency is a crucial part of maintaining your commercial space. If your HVAC system starts to malfunction, it can quickly render your facility, office or server room unusable. By taking a proactive approach with commercial HVAC maintenance, you make serious problems less likely.

Let’s look at some important signs your HVAC system needs help:

1) Difficulty Maintaining the Right Temperature

The most obvious sign that something might be wrong is simple: The system doesn’t work right! As components wear out, they work harder to perform basic functions. Ultimately, the whole system runs longer, but is less efficient – so target temperatures are harder to reach and maintain. If the HVAC system always seems to be cycling, it’s a sign.

2) Sluggish System Startup or Command Acceptance

A HVAC system contains many important parts that all have to work together. One of the most crucial is the thermostat. It relays your commands to the other components so you can get the performance you want. A thermostat can break down independently of anything else – leaving the system unable to implement instructions or interpret them correctly.

3) Poor Ventilation in Some or All Served Areas

The function of the HVAC isn’t just to moderate temperature, but to ensure proper ventilation. If ventilation isn’t managed properly, the air inside a building can actually be more polluted than the air outside! When just a few areas of the building are stuffy or stale, it can offer clues as to where air flow might be blocked off in the ducts.

4) Foul Smells

Ventilation issues can strike an entire building at once and be accompanied by odd odors. These might smell metallic, oily, or have an unidentified pungent odor. This can indicate that there are major blockages throughout the ductwork and that most or all air filters need to be replaced. It could also indicate a short or other severe electrical problem.

5) Higher Than Usual Operating Costs

No matter the size of your environment, your HVAC system is one of the major contributors to your electric bill. As systems age, they naturally become less efficient. However, if you notice a big spike or a faster than usual increase in costs over a three-month period, a mechanical issue is likely at fault. The entire system should be inspected and any issues resolved.

Donnelly Mechanical Helps You Get to the Bottom of Your HVAC System Issues

A good commercial HVAC maintenance plan is essential to cost-effective system operation. The longer a small problem goes unresolved, the more likely it is to become a big one. Unfortunately, the signs can be subtle – so experts should check a system regularly.

To find out more, learn about our preventative commercial HVAC maintenance services or contact us today.

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