The Importance of a Commercial HVAC Systems Analysis to Prepare for Winter

The cold weather in NYC can wreak havoc on components all throughout commercial HVAC systems. Older commercial HVAC systems are particularly susceptible to the cold weather. When HVAC systems fail during the winter or experience excessive downtime for repairs, tenants suffer from discomfort and HVAC equipment suffers from unwarranted stress.

The harsh NYC winters can increase system loads and exacerbate maintenance issues that may have gone unnoticed before. This can decrease the operating lifespan of HVAC equipment while increasing total energy consumption.

The Benefits of a Commercial HVAC Systems Analysis for the Winter Season

Before the cold weather has a chance to harm commercial HVAC equipment, it’s best to request a full HVAC systems analysis to get an accurate assessment of your facility. This type of analysis gives a building owner and manager a comprehensive view of the health of their HVAC systems, arming them with the knowledge they need to prepare for winter.

A full commercial HVAC system’s analysis can reveal mechanical problems that are causing ongoing issues such as comfort, airflow, sound, and performance. These problems are not always readily apparent, even during regular preventative maintenance routines, but a full system analysis can uncover even the smallest of issues.

Once these problems are clearly identified, a commercial HVAC contractor can address costly sources of inefficiency for immediate cost savings. Further, HVAC equipment replacement can take place before the cold winter weather with proper logistical planning for minimal downtime.

This is particularly important for building owners responsible for continuous operation of CRAC units in mission-critical data centers, where downtime is simply not an option.

Requesting a Full Commercial HVAC Systems Analysis

The right commercial HVAC contractor may also offer post-construction commissioning and re-commissioning services for HVAC equipment that was improperly installed or started up by another contractor or engineering team.

An HVAC systems analysis, when delivered in a comprehensive report, serves as a roadmap to peak productivity, lower energy costs, and overall operational cost savings.

To prepare your commercial HVAC systems for winter, learn more about Donnelly Mechanical’s commercial HVAC systems analysis & commissioning. Donnelly has been NYC’s premier HVAC contractor for 30+ years and effectively uncovers key performance issues for cost-effective operation.

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