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Commercial HVAC systems play a critical role in the health and productivity of employees at any organization in the U.S. Responsible for indoor temperatures, humidity, ventilation, and indoor air quality, commercial HVAC systems impact a business’s bottom line in ways other than energy consumption.

Many business owners and managers overlook the importance of providing a comfortable work environment for their employees. An investment in commercial HVAC is seen as an operating expense, as the return on this investment is not always easy to pinpoint, but employee health and comfort is an essential part of a business’s operations.

Commercial HVAC Systems for Office Temperature and Productivity

A survey by CareerBuilder revealed that only 54% of U.S. workers feel their workplace is kept at the right temperature. The effects of poor office temperature are widespread, and they have a meaningful impact. A study by Cornell University found that employees at an insurance workplace made 44% more errors at office temperatures below 68 degrees and were half as productive when office temperatures exceeded 77 degrees.

These studies show just how impactful commercial HVAC can be on the productivity of employees. Miserable office temperatures represent a major obstacle to getting work done timely and efficiently. A recent study from the Helsinki Institute of Technology found that productivity reaches its highest levels when workspace temperatures are between 69.8 and 71.6 degrees.

Commercial HVAC Ventilation and Productivity

In addition to temperature, ventilation also plays a major role in the productivity of employees. A 2015 commercial HVAC study in seven U.S. cities across the country found that doubling ventilation rates from 20 cfm/person to 40 cfm/person, cost only $14-$40 per year/person but improves productivity by up to $6,500 per year/person, according to the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

The same study also looked at which types of cognitive abilities improved the most with ideal ventilation and revealed that basic activity, information usage, breadth of approach, strategy and crisis response all improved. Additionally, better ventilation lessened instances of sickness, which further contributed to productivity.

Commercial HVAC systems play an important role in the overall productivity of employees in nearly any business. Between maintaining proper office temperatures and ventilation, there are significant opportunities for companies to take advantage of the benefits of proper commercial HVAC maintenance.

The explosive return on investment and dramatic rise in employee productivity can be attained by just about any company. Donnelly Mechanical has been helping improve employee health and productivity in NYC for over 30 years. Learn more about NYC’s premier commercial HVAC contractor for preventative maintenance services that boost your bottom line.

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