Get an ‘A’ on Your NYC Building Energy Grade

Beginning in 2020, all buildings over 25,000 square feet in New York City will be graded on their overall energy efficiency. These will be letter grades A-F, as well as a percentile score based on a building’s performance relative to similar buildings and must be publicly displayed at each entrance of the building. This new regulation is a key part of the city’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.

Unlike similar regulations in the EU, NYCs building energy grades will be based on actual energy consumption data already being benchmarked by Local Law 84 of the Greener, Greater Buildings plan.

Why Will Building Energy Grades Matter?

For building owners and facilities managers, it will be important to try and achieve an A grade. First and foremost, a good energy grade will make it easier to attract new tenants who are looking to minimize operating costs. Additionally, an A grade signals that facilities are up to date, working at peak performance, and that maintenance items are attentively addressed.

On the other hand, a poor energy grade may make it difficult to retain tenants or attract new ones. Large corporations that rent out multiple floors or entire buildings have brands to protect, and prospective tenants won’t want to rent space in a building with sky-high energy costs.

Commercial HVAC Services Will Be Key to Achieving an ‘A’ Grade

Commercial HVAC systems represent a large portion of a building’s energy consumption and will be a vital component of achieving a high building energy grade.

Investing in new high-efficiency HVAC equipment will be increasingly important. Along with regularly scheduled maintenance, high-efficiency HVAC systems can decrease energy consumption by up to 50%. These types of systems can even help save over 15% on utility costs during peak summer months.

Whether it’s new construction or retrofitting existing systems with high-efficiency upgrades, the ability to effectively manage energy consumption will help you lower costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and receive an ‘A’ grade on your NYC building energy grades.

Starting in 2020, all buildings will have their energy efficiency scores publicly displayed. The grade you receive will directly impact your ability to attract and retain tenants, making a good building grade highly desirable.

To learn more about the benefits of commercial HVAC energy efficiency, read about Donnelly Mechanical’s extensive experience designing, installing and maintaining high-efficiency HVAC systems.

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