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nyc facility managerPeople may not always know much about what building managers do, but one thing is certain: They are essential to getting the expected value and performance out of any building. This is especially true for large buildings with diverse commercial tenants.

A good building manager is adaptable, with a wide range of skills and the ability to solve problems quickly. They not only take care of the physical well-being of a structure but often find themselves helping many different groups communicate their expectations.

Let’s take a quick look at just a few of the things building managers are responsible for:

Building & Grounds Maintenance

While this is the aspect of building management most people are familiar with, they may not realize how just crucial and constant it is. In NYC, the smallest green space must be maintained to strict standards. Any issue with exterior fencing, walls, doors, and windows can leave a building unusable. Sidewalks and driveways are essential, too.


With sanitation, the building manager has to ensure small problems don’t develop into big ones and the true root causes are revealed as fast as possible. What might seem like a small leak, for example, could be a systemic plumbing issue with a risk of dangerous mold.


In many buildings, catering is rolled into management duties. This can be complex, requiring sensitivity to the nuances of important meetings and events. It could also be a day-to-day issue that impacts inside cafeterias. A lapse could cause morale issues – or a health and safety problem.

Health & Safety

Speaking of which, the well-being and safety of all a building’s occupants is a constant concern for the building manager. Indoor air quality, exposure to pollutants, and proper handling of dangerous materials fall under the building manager’s purview.

Contract Management

Whether routine commercial HVAC maintenance, repair, or retrofitting for a major building system, the building manager is the contract master. That means evaluating needs, taking bids, and finding the right value – often on a tough budget.


A facility’s security can be compromised by outside actors or those with legitimate access to the inside, so the building manager must look at things from all angles – everything from secure locks to cameras.

two facility managers talking about space managementSpace Management

In NYC, every square foot of space is essential. The way space is used, however, is sure to evolve over time. When tenants can’t quite figure out how to realize their vision, they’ll go to the building manager for expert input on improving efficiency.

At Donnelly Mechanical, we understand just how hectic a building manager’s life can be, and we salute them. Make your life a little bit easier: If you suspect a commercial HVAC system problem, reach out to the experts on our team.

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