4 Ways HVAC Downtime Hurts Your Business

HVAC Downtime Hurts BusinessEvery part of your building is affected by your HVAC system – but you might not realize just how important it is until it fails. The truth is, a serious HVAC system issue can cause many aspects of business to slam to a stop.

When your HVAC system stops working, here’s what really happens:

1) It Reduces Employee Productivity

Let’s face it: The job environment makes a big difference in whether any real work gets done. When the HVAC system has an issue, employees are inevitably left too hot or too cold. This can make them feel sluggish, irritable, and distracted. Error rates go up, and even basic tasks can be much more difficult to accomplish. It’s a recipe for disaster!

2) It Can Cause IT Downtime

IT data centers and server rooms demand continuous cooling to operate effectively. Most high-end servers slow down substantially if the environmental temperature is even a few degrees off. Serious equipment failure can follow, which might cause a cascade of problems through the whole system. The end result could be millions in lost equipment, data, and business opportunities.

3) It May Cause Health Problems

Your HVAC system is an important aspect in maintaining a clean, safe environment. Think of it as part of your body’s very own immune system. When it stops working the way it should, that might mean there’s a leak in the system that can cause mold to spread. Bacteria, allergens, and other irritants can clog your air ducts. The end result may be illness – and even liability issues.

4) It Complicates Compliance

Nothing that happens in your HVAC system does so in isolation. A temporary failure can reverberate through the rest of your building. For example, regulations might require you to decontaminate and inspect your cooling tower before restarting it, adding to your compliance overhead. Processes that should be simple become more much complicated.

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