Donnelly’s Commercial Carbon Cutter Program Has Launched

Donnelly Mechanical, New York City’s only integrated HVAC and energy service experts, is pleased to announce the launch of its ‘Carbon Cutter Program’ for commercial building tenants. Donnelly Mechanical’s team of LEED certified energy specialists developed the comprehensive HVAC energy program specifically to assist business owners and their facilities managers with achieving their energy consumption reduction objectives.
Carbon Cutter Program
“We are conscientious of the collective need to reduce energy use and cut emissions,” said Daniel T. Donnelly, CEO of Donnelly Mechanical. “Reducing energy waste is globally recognized as the logical and easiest way to cut emissions, protect the environment, and save money. Given that energy is a property’s single largest operating expense, with energy representing about 30 percent of the typical office building’s costs, New York City businesses are facing the need to improve energy efficiency. We developed the ‘Carbon Cutter’ Program to help them achieve cost savings and cut energy use. At the same time, they demonstrate corporate responsibility and cooperation with the city’s carbon reduction efforts.”

NYC Carbon Challenge: Bringing Energy Efficiency to the Forefront

New York City initiated the ‘New York City Carbon Challenge‘ program with an ambitious goal to reduce citywide greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 to 80 percent below 2005 gas emission levels. The 10 year roadmap to improve the energy efficiency of buildings aims “to reduce the city’s building-based emissions by 30 percent by 2025 in order to be on the pathway to 80 x 50.” To meet these objectives, New York City is calling upon building owners and managers to do their part to cut their energy use and emissions.

“We’re proud to support the New York City Carbon Challenge,” said Donnelly. “The Carbon Cutter Program allows businesses to demonstrate quantifiable energy efficiencies and significant cost savings from improved HVAC system performance. Participation in our program automatically aligns businesses with the city’s objectives. Everybody wins.”

Information about the Donnelly Mechanical ‘Carbon Cutter’ Program is available at, or by calling (718) 925-3348.

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