Donnelly Recognizes Our Technicians on National HVAC Tech Day

Serving nearly 2,000 commercial HVAC clients consisting of New York City’s top corporations, data centers, and healthcare facilities, Donnelly Mechanical celebrates National HVAC Tech Day by recognizing its outstanding team of HVAC technicians.

“We are truly blessed to have such a remarkable team of talented and dedicated HVAC technicians,” said John Fallon, Vice President, Service & Maintenance at Donnelly Mechanical. “Their skill, responsiveness, professionalism, and courtesy toward clients is the reason our HVAC service clients remain with us year over year. We would like to take this special day to publicly recognize their great work and to say ‘Thank you. We recognize and appreciate the valuable work you do for our team.’”

Donnelly Mechanical’s commercial HVAC technicians enjoy working for Donnelly and typically stay with the company for 10 years and even the duration of their career. They are known in the industry for their preparedness, reliability and fast response time.

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