Your Springtime Commercial HVAC Preparation Checklist

Each season puts different demands on your commercial HVAC system. With that in mind, a thorough inspection should be performed and a maintenance routine developed as the weather changes. Just as you would check for snow obstructions, iced components, and other issues in the winter, action must be taken to ensure your system will perform consistently in spring.

You know how to winterize, but here’s how to startup your HVAC system for the spring season:

1) Change Out Used Air Filters

When it comes to ventilation throughout your commercial space, clean air filters are crucial. Depending on the kind you have, they will need to be cleaned or changed out. Although many filters will last a long time, changing them whenever they look dirty maximizes airflow.

2) Clean Outdoor Condensers

Debris and other environmental hazards can stick to the outdoor cabinet containing your condenser unit. When coils or vents are blocked, the condenser will operate less efficiently and could even become a safety hazard. Cabinets can be cleaned with mild detergent and water.

3) Clean Indoor HVAC System Components

Each season, the moving parts of your indoor components should be lubricated. This reduces friction and improves system effectiveness, which can reduce power consumption. Check on the blower fans, evaporator coils, and even the control panels.

4) Check Refrigerant Levels

If refrigerant levels get too low, your system can’t operate. The charge – the amount of refrigerant – must be checked and restored to the level specified in your user manual. Leaks must be investigated and resolved before starting up your equipment for the season.

5) Calibrate Thermostat

The thermostat is the brains of your commercial HVAC system. The rest of the system can’t function unless the thermostat and other control devices are there to instruct and regulate it. Over time, readings from your thermostat can become inaccurate, so it must be calibrated each season.

6) Clear Out Drain Lines

Condensate drains can easily become blocked with algae and other pollutants. Any obstruction will prevent the outflow of moisture and could endanger the system. If your environment is prone to algae growth, be sure to apply an appropriate algaecide.

7) Check Electrical Connections

Any complex building system can be vulnerable to electrical issues. If not diagnosed and fixed, they can cause electrical fires that might have serious consequences. Be especially alert to loose connections, which can be caused by ordinary system vibrations.

At Donnelly Mechanical, we believe a proactive approach to HVAC system maintenance gets the best results at the lowest cost. A seasonal maintenance routine can add years to the functional life of your system – and, over time, might reduce operating and repair bills by millions.

To get your commercial HVAC ready for Spring, contact Donnelly Mechanical today.

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