The Importance of Commercial HVAC Visibility

Commercial HVAC systems are a major source of energy consumption in any building. It’s the responsibility of the facility managers to keep operating costs at a minimum, which means maintaining maximum HVAC energy efficiency.

Visibility into commercial HVAC systems is one of the best ways to address sources of inefficiencies. Facility managers are increasingly turning to relatively inexpensive smart sensors, building management systems and commercial HVAC audits to increase their visibility into the energy consumption and overall performance of HVAC systems.

The Benefits of Commercial HVAC Visibility in Your Systems

There are several ways in which facility managers benefit from achieving greater visibility into the status of commercial HVAC systems, but here are a few of the main advantages:

Energy Efficiency

The most immediate benefit of HVAC visibility is increased energy efficiency. For example, facility managers can examine HVAC loads to determine when they peak. If the actual peak points don’t align with when HVAC loads should be peaking, or they are working much harder than expected, adjustments can be made to find the most efficient peak times without sacrificing comfort.

Preventative Maintenance

Visibility into HVAC systems allows facility managers to identify and fix problems before they lead to an entire system shutdown. If an HVAC system is struggling to reach maximum demands during a few weeks of hot weather, for example, this may suggest mechanical problems in upper stage compressors. If this information is known before the hottest time of the year, it can be fixed proactively. If not, the system may not be able to cool a building properly and the entire system will be shut down to identify and fix the problem.

Indoor Air Quality

Cheap sensors can monitor indoor air quality, while commercial HVAC audits reveal the state of a building’s duct system. Poor indoor air quality effects the health and comfort of tenants, as well as their productivity. On the other hand, studies concluded that proper space temperature and humidity, along with good indoor air quality, reduces illness and sick days while increasing employee productivity and happiness in the workplace. Indoor air quality is a big deal for tenants, and it should be for facility managers too. HVAC visibility helps maintain good indoor air quality.

Visibility into commercial HVAC systems can be one of the most effective ways to improve energy efficiency, identify problems before they lead to a system shutdown, and maintain high levels of indoor air quality. Facility managers that strive to achieve greater commercial HVAC visibility will be able to maximize energy efficiency while monitoring overall HVAC performance.

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