August 15, 2017

hospital hvacFor hospitals and other healthcare facilities, finding operational cost savings is not an easy task. The health and safety of patients must come first – the cost of operating cannot detract from this in any way. There are few things that can save money and improve the health of patients, but hospital HVAC retrofitting is a big one.

Hospitals are perfectly positioned to see major benefits from retrofitting old HVAC equipment with newer, more energy-efficient equipment. This can lead to cost savings, as well as an improved and healthier environment for patients.

How HVAC Retrofits Benefit Hospitals

HVAC retrofits are minimally intrusive, requiring far less down time than an entire HVAC system replacement, but the long-term benefits are still meaningful.

Approximately 60% of hospital air distribution systems are oversized. On average, the fans in these systems use about 8% of all energy consumed by hospitals. Retrofitting air distribution systems, particularly the oversized fans, can significantly reduce energy costs while maintaining the cooling capabilities needed.

Whether it’s cooling systems or other mechanical HVAC systems, hospitals can save a lot through HVAC retrofits. A big reason for this is that newer HVAC equipment is designed to be far more energy-efficient than older equipment. Hospitals can replace HVAC equipment at their own pace – each time they do so they will find more cost savings through energy efficiency.

While most hospital HVAC systems could use newer equipment, which saves money in the long run as they save on repairs, the main reason hospitals are positioned to save from HVAC retrofits is energy consumption. Older HVAC systems consume enormous amounts of energy. With hospital operation running 24/7, there’s no room for off time for the HVAC system or any other source of power consumption. Even modest savings from energy efficiency can add up to huge amounts as time passes. Plus, newer equipment helps maintain high levels of indoor air quality better than older equipment.

There are certainly many other ways that hospitals and healthcare facilities can reduce energy consumption, but retrofitting HVAC equipment, especially oversized and outdated equipment, can lead to significant savings.

Hospitals are well-positioned to capitalize on HVAC retrofits – a rare opportunity for them to reduce the costs of operating while increasing patient health and safety.

You can learn more about energy efficiency and cost savings for hospital HVAC here.

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