The Importance of Maintaining Your Commercial HVAC System

A commercial HVAC is a complex system that can be tough to maintain. There’s a temptation among owners and even some facilities managers to take an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to HVAC and leave it be as long as it is running. But what’s really going on in the depths of your HVAC system? Problems could be mounting and spreading without your knowledge. HVAC systems in large commercial buildings

Let’s look at some of the key reasons why HVAC maintenance is essential:

Temperature Control in Large Properties Depends on It

First and foremost, your HVAC system is for regulating the temperature of your property. The wider and taller the building is, the more challenging this becomes. Your building’s envelope should effectively protect you from the elements, but your internal climate also demands an effective HVAC system. As your building ages, more of the burden of temperature regulation falls on your HVAC system. Without it, your workforce will be too hot or too cold. That makes it far more likely you’ll suffer from lower productivity through temperature discomfort on a daily basis.

A Good HVAC System Helps Keep the Air Fresh and Clean

Indoor air quality is another issue that can have a dramatic impact on employees without them even realizing it. To use an analogy, think of your HVAC system as your building’s lungs. Over time, the ducts that serve as the system’s vital arteries will begin to get clogged. Most will need to be cleaned, while some might have to be repaired or replaced. The more damage there is, the easier it will be for indoor pollutants to spread throughout your building. In some cases, indoor air can be up to twice as polluted as the air just outside, contributing to illness and absenteeism.

Energy Efficiency Depends on a Well-Maintained HVAC

Owners of large commercial properties in New York City know that energy efficiency is a major concern these days. Regulations are becoming more strict over time, and many of these relate directly to the performance of your system. If there is a major undiagnosed control or airflow problem, it will be virtually impossible for you to meet your energy efficiency targets. This not only costs you more in terms of your monthly utility expenses, but can also expose you to significant liabilities related to noncompliance.

When all is said and done, your HVAC system is essential to your operations. If it is not well-maintained, its mechanical issues will quickly translate into environmental issues within your property. This creates a vicious cycle: The HVAC system’s condition deteriorates more rapidly with time, making its impact on personnel worse. This drives up both the cost of ownership and the hidden tolls wreaked on your workforce. Before you know it, what could have been a simple fix a few months earlier becomes a major replacement that can cost thousands.

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