July 20, 2021

The Dangers of Infrequent HVAC Coil Cleaning

When it comes to the proper heating and cooling of your commercial space, HVAC preventive maintenance is essential to maintaining a productive business environment. Without regular commercial HVAC preventive maintenance performed by a trusted technician, your heating and cooling equipment runs the risk of costing you more in energy costs down the line, as well as placing a significant burden on the environment via the growth of your business’s carbon footprint. 

One of the most important elements of any commercial heating and cooling preventive maintenance plan is HVAC coil cleaning

The Importance of Frequent HVAC Coiling Cleaning

For building and facility managers concerned with the efficiency of their commercial heating and cooling equipment, dirty condenser and evaporator coils can have a dramatic impact on the performance and reliability of an HVAC system. 

With frequent HVAC coil cleaning, however, businesses can count on a more sustainable preventive maintenance plan that will maintain equipment over the course of their lifespan. Ideally, heating and cooling systems should undergo a thorough HVAC coil cleaning at least once every year. 

The Dangers of Failure to Perform a Thorough HVAC Coil Cleaning

The evaporator coil is the part of an air-conditioning system that removes heat and moisture from indoor air to cool it. The condenser coil takes that heat and releases it outside. There are several dangers associated with dirty HVAC coils, each having the potential to directly impact the health and safety of building occupants, as well as the efficiency and overall performance of the building’s commercial HVAC system. 

Build-Up of Mold and Other Harmful Bacteria

Unsurprisingly, failure to perform regular preventive maintenance on commercial HVAC systems will result in the build-up of harmful molds and other bacteria on the surface of the equipment. Regular HVAC coil cleaning prevents bacteria from accumulating and spreading throughout the building via the heating and cooling systems. As such, it’s essential to the health and well-being of building occupants to maintain clean, breathable air that is free from airborne pollutants.

Increased Fire Risk

Dirt and other physical contaminants that may cling to dirty coils pose an increased fire risk for a commercial space or building. Regular preventive maintenance that incorporates thorough HVAC coil cleaning will allow equipment to operate freely, undisturbed by foreign debris. 

Higher Energy Costs

When dirt and grime are allowed to build up on the coils of an HVAC system, equipment must work exponentially harder to heat or cool the space to the desired temperature. With regular HVAC coil cleaning, your commercial HVAC system will be able to achieve the desired temperature at an optimal performance level, reducing the risk of high energy costs. 

Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance by Donnelly Mechanical

By working with Donnelly Mechanical, clients can depend on the experience and expertise of HVAC technicians who are prepared to take on the task of performing essential HVAC coil cleaning for their commercial heating and cooling systems. It is recommended to perform a regular coil cleaning at least once a year.

For more information on establishing a commercial HVAC preventive maintenance plan that’s right for your space, or to arrange for HVAC coil cleaning, contact Donnelly Mechanical today

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