The Consequences of Improper CRAC Unit HVAC Maintenance

Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) systems are an essential component of a functional data center or server room. When hundreds or even thousands of servers are running at the same time in the same room, an enormous amount of heat is generated which threatens the uninterrupted operation of servers.

Maintenance of CRAC units cannot be overlooked for the sake of keeping mission-critical systems operational around the clock. However, all too often these systems are neglected, leading to last-minute emergency repair and replacement to minimize the damages associated with downtime.

The Benefits of Proper CRAC Unit HVAC Maintenance

When CRAC units break down or work inefficiently, servers could become damaged and lose information that’s vital to everyday operations, or even shut down computer systems in the middle of a workday. Regularly scheduled commercial HVAC maintenance, whether CRAC systems are experiencing trouble or not, ensures complete and reliable support of mission-critical systems.

Frequent maintenance of CRAC systems allows them to run more efficiently and extends their operating life, creating cost savings on HVAC equipment investment. Further, the efficiencies created through regular maintenance can create significant energy savings – an important benefit as energy consumption comprises a major portion of operational costs for building owners.

The Results of Improper CRAC Unit HVAC Maintenance

Recently, a Fortune 500 company with a corporate office in Long Island experienced the consequences of improper HVAC maintenance of CRAC units. As neglect slowly caused their CRAC units to operate less efficiently, additional AC units had to be rented along with diesel generators to maintain cooling capacity. For years, the company was dependent on four of these AC units, powered by two generators.

The server room lacked an effective method of heat removal, which only exacerbated the issue at hand. The dry coolers were deteriorated and had to be kept online with sprinklers during the summer. Eventually, after years of neglect, the CRAC systems were unable to support mission-critical server rooms and all systems had to be replaced.

This particular company had put themselves in a tough position and risked the integrity of their business’s data and computer systems. In the end, they were fortunate enough to find a resolution with prompt replacement and cost savings over the lifetime of the new systems.

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