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Prevent High Repair Costs with Monthly HVAC Maintenance

For any commercial HVAC system, maintenance is crucial to ensuring a long life of quality performance. With the winter months finally upon us, you should begin considering a seasonal or monthly system maintenance check. B scheduling more frequent maintenance checks, you can save on high repair costs associated with unexpected breaks or outages that may become more frequent in the colder, harsher months of the year. With frequent maintenance, a commercial HVAC system can have a lifespan between 10 to 15 years.

Why is Monthly HVAC System Maintenance Important?

Commercial HVAC systems are complex and require a great deal of expertise and care to maintain. Not only is system maintenance important for ensuring a comfortable temperature and air quality for your space, but it also prevents many safety hazards that put you, your employees, your vendors, and your customers at risk, such as fires or live wires.

Finding the Right Maintenance Plan for Your Commercial Space

Each member of the Donnelly staff is trained to work on all lines of commercial HVAC equipment from major manufacturers, and our team of experts are ready to assess your system and come up with a maintenance plan that’s right for your commercial space. We recommend monthly system maintenance, but if you notice strange or loud noises, leaks and moisture, strange odor, or any other issues with your HVAC system, seek a professional before your monthly appointment.

To know what to expect at your system’s next maintenance check, the list below includes common elements to the routine inspection:

  • An overall inspection of your system to identify any surface-level or obvious repair items
  • Replacing the air filter to improve air quality and remove debris from the filtration system
  • Inspect thermostat and building and system temperature for optimal system performance
  • Lubricate metal components to prevent friction and tears
  • Ensure no air or water leaks, which can cause air pollution, heat loss, or mold build-up
  • Inspect electrical wires and connections to eliminate fire hazards

Contact Donnelly Mechanical for the Best Air Quality Solution for Your Commercial Space

The life and performance of your commercial HVAC system is our top priority, and our team is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality system maintenance year-round. Contact us today to schedule your next system maintenance check!

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