June 1, 2021

How to Eliminate HVAC Odors in Your Commercial Building

Nothing can ruin the positive, lively atmosphere you strive for in your commercial office space like unpleasant HVAC odors emanating from your HVAC system.

In addition to staying comfortable and relying on clean, breathable air, your employees and other building occupants desire a work environment that feels and smells fresh, regardless of how your heating and cooling systems are performing. That’s why it’s important to eliminate HVAC odors at the source. 

Commercial HVAC Maintenance for Odor Control and Prevention

HVAC odors can most commonly be attributed to the buildup of mold and other bacteria in the inner workings of an HVAC system. Regardless of the substance, the presence of foreign objects and substances within your heating and cooling system can not only affect the overall life and performance of your commercial HVAC equipment, but it can also pose potential health risks to the health and safety of your building occupants as they breathe in contaminated air. 

In order to eliminate HVAC odors—and prevent them from occurring in the first place—commercial HVAC preventive maintenance measures can ensure a pleasant building environment for occupants, as well as foster safer heating and cooling systems moving forward. 

Changing Air Filters Frequently

The air filters of your commercial HVAC system are responsible for cleaning the air that is distributed throughout a building via various air flow channels. Failure to change air filters frequently enough may result in the buildup of a wide range of contaminants, including dust, dander, dirt, mold, pollen, and many others. By changing filters as part of regular preventive maintenance for your commercial HVAC system, building and facilities managers can more effectively control and eliminate the occurrence of HVAC odors.

Performing Regular Coil Cleanings

The various coil components of your commercial HVAC system are essential to the proper heating and cooling of your building. Working with a trusted commercial HVAC technician, he or she will be able to clean your system’s evaporator coils using a special cleaning agent to remove caked-on layers of lint, dirt, and sediment that can accumulate in these small, tight areas and cause unpleasant HVAC odors.

Inspecting Drain Lines

The drain lines of any commercial HVAC system are also prone to the accumulation of dust and debris, as well as other outdoor contaminants that may make their way into your heating and cooling systems. If any sludge or discoloration appear in or around your system’s drain lines, they will need to be flushed out with the appropriate cleaning solution.

Choosing Donnelly Mechanical for Your Commercial HVAC Odors Needs

By partnering with Donnelly Mechanical for your commercial HVAC needs, you can ensure a pleasant work environment for your employees and customers—anytime, anywhere. Eliminate unpleasant HVAC orders by investing in the Donnelly Difference. Contact us today for more information on improving your HVAC system, one solution at a time.


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