November 1, 2018

Fall is the perfect season to get a comprehensive commercial HVAC system tune-up. With the cold weather rapidly approaching, it’s imperative that all HVAC systems are in working order to provide reliable heat and comfort throughout the Winter season.

Scheduling a preventative maintenance checkup with a qualified commercial HVAC contractor can ensure high levels of uptime, as well as energy efficiency, while extending the life of HVAC equipment.

11 Tips for Preparing Commercial HVAC Systems for Winter

HVAC failure is not an option during the cold NYC Winter. To ensure your HVAC system reliably serves your building and tenants, be sure the following items are completed:

  • Replace/Clean Your Filters – Make sure your filters are not clogged with dust and debris. Using clean air filters can lower energy consumption by up to 15%.
  • Check Humidifiers – Check humidifiers for proper operation and replace spent canisters or IR bulbs.
  • Balance and Adjust your system This allows your system to do its job properly, delivering the right amount of air to different parts of the building or facility.
  • Inspect and Lubricate Blower Bearings and Motor – This helps extend equipment service life while reducing the risk of failure during the cold Winter months.
  • Routine Cleaning of Evaporator Coil – Dirt, dust and other debris can build up leading to complications, a shorter lifespan, and costly repairs.
  • Check Crankcase Heater – This is usually overlooked but has proven to be a culprit of many problems.
  • Check Resistance and Amp Draw Often times if your unit is drawing more electricity than it needs, it is being overworked or there is a problem.
  • Calibrate and Set Thermostats – Make sure that your thermostats are reading properly and are set to the changing temperatures for that season.
  • Freezing Pipes and Air Dampers – Check and make sure that no pipes are in danger of freezing. Be sure to check all outside air dampers for proper operation and ensure they close 100% to prevent damage from freezing. Take care of this now so that you don’t have a problem during the cold winter months.
  • Flue System Inspection – Have your service technician check for proper attachment, look for dislocated sections, and for signs of corrosion.
  • Check the Roof – Check areas where snow and ice might build up near the unit(s), and when there is snow, make sure to remove it at least once a week.

Ensuring the above items are completed before Winter arrives will help keep HVAC systems efficient, reliable and operational throughout the cold season. Donnelly Mechanical proactively checks these items for our service and maintenance customers.

Prepare Your Commercial HVAC Systems for Winter Today!

To get the most out of your commercial HVAC systems, be sure to hire a highly qualified commercial HVAC contractor with demonstrated experience maximizing energy efficiency, fine-tuning existing HVAC systems, and delivering best-in-class service.

Donnelly Mechanical, an Engie company, is a commercial HVAC contractor servicing New York City and Long Island. We are now part of a global energy and services group with access to a suite of sustainable, lifecycle building services and integrated facility programs. With greater technical capabilities across the entire project lifecycle – we can go deeper and broader into the energy needs of our valued clients.

To prepare your commercial HVAC systems for Winter, Donnelly Mechanical’s HVAC preventative maintenance services keep your systems running throughout the cold weather while identifying cost-saving opportunities.

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