June 16, 2020

Commercial HVAC for Data CentersKeeping a facility cool during steaming New York summers is challenging enough. When that business involves a data center, it’s crucial.

Why Do Data Centers Need Air Conditioners?

Between data processing needs, online stores, electronic perimeter security systems, and much, much more, computer demands are growing, as are data centers. The U.S. Department of Energy even cites an increase in energy consumption due to increased computer usage in business and produced a downloadable guide for managing small data centers. The equipment serving that need gives off a tremendous amount of heat, and in warm weather months, the overall amount of heat increases drastically.

Computer equipment functions best in temperate or cooler (but not too cold) temperatures. When servers or other computer equipment become too hot, it can slow down, glitch, or breakdown altogether.

For many companies, their initial data center might just start out as a rack or two in a closet or small office designated as a server room. As time moves on and the company’s needs increase, additional equipment is added, usually without thought of ventilation or cooling needs, which is a recipe for eventual disaster.

What’s the Right Temperature for a Data Center?

Keeping your data center too cold wastes money and energy. Keep it too warm, and you risk system failures. Maintaining an ideal temperature is not as easy as setting a thermostat and forgetting about it. Environmental control for data centers involves adaptability, scalability, life cycle costs, proper air management, maintenance, and serviceability. Donnelly’s HVAC experts can evaluate, advise, and install everything you need for proper data center HVAC management.

What Is Air Management?

Data center air management involves all aspects of designing and managing the combination of hot air given off by computer equipment and cool air from the HVAC system and/or CRAC unit. CRAC stands for Computer Room Air Conditioners.

Air management ensures a proper air circulation design. Without it, hot or cold air can gather in one part of the room, causing some equipment to overheat while the rest are fine. Good air management can also lower energy costs by ensuring proper air circulation that prevents the need for excessive air conditioning to compensate for hot spots. Using a hot aisle/cold aisle design can help, as can sealing room leaks, etc.

Commercial HVAC For Data Centers in New York City

Whether your business is starting to outgrow its current data center space, or you have a large facility with intense data center needs, Donnelly Mechanical can help you create, upgrade, or manage your data center’s cooling needs.  With minimal invasiveness to your business operations, we will treat your commercial property with respect and get the job done in the most efficient manner. Contact us today for more information.

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