January 2, 2018

Facility managers are tasked with streamlining operational costs in any commercial building in NYC. Commercial HVAC systems are a major source of energy consumption in most buildings – this makes them a prime target for improving efficiency for a healthier bottom line.

In 2018, facility managers will benefit from focusing attention on motors in commercial HVAC systems.

Why Will Commercial HVAC Motor Replacement Be Important?

Older commercial HVAC motors have lower efficiency ratings than today’s motors, and over time their efficiency will have decreased even more. As other motor components age, they decrease efficiency even further.

A new HVAC motor creates immediate energy savings. Over time, these savings accrue and can reliably deliver return on investment (ROI). In this way, replacing an old motor is not an extra cost – it’s an investment in a better bottom line, which is a core duty of every facility manager.

The First Steps in Commercial HVAC Motor Replacement

The first thing that needs to be done is an HVAC audit. An experienced commercial HVAC company can tell you precisely how efficient your HVAC motor is and if it’s time for a replacement. The right HVAC contractor can also point out which components need to be replaced and suggest high-efficiency alternatives that deliver ROI over time.

For example, more and more commercial HVAC systems are leveraging the benefits of variable frequency drives (VFDs). Basically, a VFD is a motor controller that uses frequency and voltage to adjust the speed of the unit, leading to significant efficiency gains and lower operating costs.

The right commercial HVAC company will understand the facility manager’s need to reduce operating costs and can provide guidance on the often-complicated matter of motor replacement.

Commercial HVAC systems are a major consumer of energy and a large portion of a building’s operating costs. Motor replacement is a great way to improve HVAC efficiency and ultimately streamline costs.

To learn more on HVAC cost savings, see how commercial HVAC services from the right company can benefit your building.

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