December 18, 2018

Data center HVAC requires a number of special considerations due to the high value equipment and processes dependent upon proper temperature and ventilation – your commercial HVAC contractor needs to be equipped to handle these unique requirements.

What is the Application Ecosystem and What Role Do Commercial HVAC Contractors Play?

The International Data Center Authority (IDCA) recently released the Infinity Paradigm: a comprehensive set of standards defining data center infrastructure and operation. At the heart of this paradigm is the Application Ecosystem (AE), defined by the IDCA as “The Application exists and fulfills its purpose through the support of a holistic and dynamic ecosystem of interdependent logical and physical infrastructure and operational practices.”

Essentially, the Application Ecosystem highlights the fact that a data center is much more than a room full of servers – it’s an interconnected system that includes IT infrastructure, facility infrastructure, site infrastructure, and more. This is an important concept, offering a roadmap for efficient data center operation with little to no downtime.

Commercial HVAC contractors play a major role in supporting the AE, with responsibilities including:

  • Cooling strategy, design and architecture
  • Temperature management
  • Air quality management, treatment and filtering
  • Heat rejection and ventilation
  • Humidification and dehumidification
  • Cold aisle and hot aisle containment
  • Sensible heat ration (SHR)
  • …and much more

When you choose a commercial HVAC contractor for data center HVAC, you’re placing a major responsibility in their hands. HVAC is a vital part of the AE. It’s necessary for daily operations and has a major impact on Efficacy Score Rating – the primary evaluation of a data center’s performance.

Is Your HVAC Contractor a Certified Data Center Specialist?

Not all commercial HVAC contractors are equipped to handle the specialized requirements of data center HVAC, and even fewer may have a strong grasp on the AE. To find the right commercial HVAC services, look for the following certifications presented by the IDCA:

  • Data Center Infrastructure Specialist (DCIS®): this is a fundamental certification that offers end-to-end coverage of data center infrastructure systems.
  • Data Center Engineering Specialist (DCES®): this certification is for data center experts, offering insight on selection and design of critical data center framework.
  • Data Center Infrastructure Expert (DCIE®): this certification trains data center professionals to be global leaders in the field of data center infrastructure, concerning engineering, design, and grading concepts.

Each of the above certifications requires an exhaustive course load to become certified, ensuring the HVAC personnel who complete these courses are the foremost experts in data center HVAC.

When it comes to HVAC for data centers, there are a number of special considerations and a lot on the line. Choosing the right commercial HVAC contractor is critical for the efficiency and uninterrupted operation of mission-critical data centers.

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