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With the summer season nearly here, it’s time to prepare your commercial HVAC system. It’s critical that commercial HVAC systems run at peak performance throughout the summer, so now is the perfect opportunity to start prepping for the warm weather.

Reliable cooling is an important part of employee, tenant and/or customer comfort, and productivity during the hottest months of the year. A commercial HVAC system in good working condition can lower operating costs while increasing energy efficiency.

Commercial HVAC System Summer Maintenance Items 

Preparing commercial HVAC systems to run reliably through the whole summer season involves several different maintenance items.

Check and Replace Air Filters

When air filters become clogged from dirt and debris, as they inevitably do, less air passes into HVAC equipment and systems run less efficiently to compensate. As a result, energy costs start to increase, and your building may not be able to cool down. During a routine summer startup of cooling systems is the best time to check and replace air filters to ensure peak performance the moment cooling systems are turned on.

Clean Ductwork

Dust, mold, allergens and other debris can build up in ducts over time, especially when they aren’t regularly cleaned. Dirty ductwork can ruin indoor air quality, which is important for comfort and productivity. Any comfort provided by reliable cooling will be mitigated if HVAC systems are pumping allergens and mold into the building.

Inspect Commercial HVAC Equipment

A certified professional should inspect all commercial HVAC equipment to ensure it’s prepared to handle the increased load during the warm weather. This way, any worn or faulty mechanical components can be identified before they cause costly unscheduled downtime. Regular inspections and proactive maintenance also contributes to increased system lifespans.

The start of the summer season is an important time to get all cooling HVAC systems serviced to ensure reliable performance. While there are many maintenance items one can consider at this time, some of the most common include replacing air filters, cleaning ductwork, and inspecting mechanical equipment.

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