Commercial HVAC Maintenance Contract Transition Series: Introduction

hvac electricianYour HVAC system is crucial to your business. It facilitates productivity every day, and a breakdown could be disastrous. Discomfort from heat or cold is only part of the equation: In New York City, HVAC issues can cause liabilities and fines.

In this series on Contract Transition, you will get a pretty good idea of the importance of proper maintenance of your commercial HVAC system as well what to consider when planning transition from one service provider to another.

Enterprises are seeking more value from companies that maintain HVAC systems, leading many to conclude their maintenance contract doesn’t meet their needs – or to transition to a full-scale maintenance contract for the first time.

Doing so has significant benefits:

  • Reduced cost of HVAC system operation.
  • Lower chance of serious system failure.
  • Easier compliance with regulations.


Still, switching vendors and launching a contract are complex tasks. To proceed with confidence, you should have clarity on the process.

air conditioner repair serviceWe’ve come up with a list of the ten most important insights facilities managers need for success in commercial HVAC maintenance contract transition:

  • Know that transitioning is a process, not just a one step decision
  • Understand why transitioning is right for your HVAC system
  • Know why transitions fail
  • Maintain communication with all transition team members and affected occupants
  • Have a plan from day one
  • List your expectations and key performance indicators
  • Make sure your facilities and equipment data is up to date
  • Have a phase-out/phase-in procedure in place
  • Make sure your new provider tailors services to your needs
  • Track and monitor your new services and their performance


We’ll be discussing each step in detail as part of this blog series.

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