What is Commercial HVAC Commissioning?

Commercial HVAC commissioning is an important part of the health and functionality of an HVAC system, particularly after it’s been installed. The term ‘commercial HVAC commissioning’ may have several different meanings, but basically, it refers to an exhaustive analysis and repair of a building’s current commercial HVAC systems.

The goal of commissioning is to ensure a facilities’ HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency. This is why it’s very common after installation or several years after construction. Most of the time, commercial HVAC commissioning begins with a comprehensive review of the state of the HVAC systems and ends with HVAC repair to achieve the facilities’ desired performance levels.

What Types of Commercial HVAC Commissioning are There?

Commercial HVAC systems can break down or run into recurring problems at just about any point of their lifecycle, depending on what’s causing the problem. In this way, there are different types of HVAC commissioning services. The main three include:

  • Post-Construction Commissioning:

    this type of HVAC commissioning involves systems that are under a year old. Typically, they were improperly installed or started up by an inexperienced contractor or engineering team, resulting in poor HVAC system performance.

  • Re-Commissioning:

    this type of HVAC commissioning involves systems that are over a year old. Re-commissioning could be needed for a variety of reasons. Usually, the system is either old and not running properly, or it was never running correctly at all.

  • Recurring Issue Resolution:

    for comfort, airflow, sound or performance issues that occur on a regular basis, this type of HVAC commissioning seeks to fix recurring problems. After a full system inspection, necessary equipment repair and replacement gets HVAC systems back to their peak performance levels.

These three types of HVAC commissioning services span the entire lifecycle of an HVAC system and have custom-tailored solutions depending on the age, health, and performance of all systems.

Whether your commercial HVAC system is new or old, running well or not, commissioning services can help building owners create a comfortable indoor environment, cut costs through energy efficiency, and rectify mistakes that led to poor HVAC performance.

To learn more about how commissioning benefits building owners, read about Donnelly Mechanical’s commercial HVAC commissioning and systems analysis group. Donnelly has been NYC’s premier commercial HVAC contractor for 30+ years and has the expert team in place to fix the work of inexperienced contractors.

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