November 13, 2018

For building owners and managers, replacing commercial HVAC equipment in Class-A office space is no small undertaking. While there’s major return on investment (ROI) and cost-savings potential when replacing these systems, it can also be a large upfront cost. With so much on the line it’s important to find the right commercial HVAC contractor.

Choosing a reliable HVAC contractor can help ensure the project is completed without disruptions, on time and on budget, while meeting efficiency and cost-saving goals. Selecting the right commercial HVAC service provider can make a big difference on the bottom line.

Essential Capabilities of a Commercial HVAC Contractor

There are several things building owners and facility managers can look for in an HVAC contractor that indicate they’re up for the complex task of replacing HVAC equipment. Among the most important things include demonstrated experience in completing complex projects and the expertise to find energy efficient solutions for cost savings.

One often overlooked capability in an HVAC contractor is logistical planning. In order to protect lobbies, stairways and elevator areas, an HVAC contractor should apply full protection and have a plan in place to ensure the equipment will fit through every turn and doorway. When the plan is carried out during off hours, it ensures there’s no disruption to daily operations.

Turn-key Air Handler Replacement for Manhattan Class-A Office Space

Recently, a 24 story Class A Office building, totaling 300,000 square feet, needed to replace outdated air handling units (AHUs) that had reached the end of their service lives. The building owners wanted to replace the systems with high-efficiency HVAC systems as soon as possible.

Across 8 mechanical rooms, Donnelly Mechanical provided turn-key replacement of 1 60-ton and 7 30-ton AHUs. Floor by floor, the AHUs were removed and new systems were delivered and assembled during off hours. The delivery was extensively planned, and all common areas were fully protected during the rigging of large equipment.

In the end, the project was a success. Donnelly was able to remove the old AHUs and install new ones without disruptions to daily operations. The new equipment was highly efficient and will provide long-term ROI and major cost-savings over its service lifetime.

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