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energy efficiencyAs New York City focuses on greater energy efficiency and a more sustainable tomorrow for all its residents, the owners and leaders of large commercial structures are called on to do their part. New regulations might seem daunting, but one key innovation can help you meet your obligations while benefiting your building: A high efficiency HVAC system.

Your building’s HVAC system is almost certainly its main energy consumer. Every component of the system contributes to your building’s efficiency posture. Luckily, today’s technology offers you plenty of opportunities to fine tune your system for enhanced performance. Even a full-scale high efficiency retrofit can quickly pay for itself – in more ways than one.

What are the core benefits of a high efficiency HVAC system? Let’s review:

Improved Comfort for Your Commercial Tenants

First and foremost, a more efficient HVAC system translates directly into improved comfort for all tenants. No matter if the weather outside is hot or cold, your high efficiency system will bring the inside temperature into an acceptable range much faster. Plus, it will keep it there more easily – supporting improved productivity for everyone at any time of day or night.


Greater Savings on Your Monthly Energy Billssave money

A high efficiency HVAC system can increase or decrease the temperature of your building with lower overall energy use. By reducing the time required to shift the temperature a single degree, you could save thousands of dollars over the course of a year. Plus, less time actively heating or cooling means reduced wear on system components and fewer repairs.

Reduced Environmental Impact for Your Building

With the regulatory climate as it is today, it has never been more important for owners of large commercial buildings to plan for long-term sustainability. When you reduce the overall carbon footprint of your building, you make it easier to meet your targets for all New York City’s environmental and energy standards. That could help protect you from noncompliance fines later.

Incentives to Make the Investment Easier

Even with the best professional help around, improving your HVAC system can be a significant business investment. Luckily, there may be city, state, and even federal incentives to make it easier: We’ll help you find them and apply. Reduced upfront costs and a huge potential for long-term savings make a great business case for upgrading your system.

A High Efficiency HVAC Today Means an Easier, Greener Tomorrow

No one can say what tomorrow’s energy efficiency standards will look like, so a proactive decision to update your HVAC system can make things simpler – and more cost-effective – for years to come. To learn more, call or email the experts at Donnelly Mechanical, New York City’s commercial HVAC leader.

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