November 5, 2019

November is usually a unique time of the year, falling in between the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. Most of the leaves have already changed color and fallen off of trees, and most regions are in the midst of a transition to colder weather.

The commercial HVAC systems in buildings undergo commensurate changes around this time, as well, and switch over from cooling interior spaces to heating them. During this time, it’s important to be sure that the HVAC system in your building is performing as optimally as possible.

There are many benefits to having a well-maintained and fully-functioning HVAC system during the fall. Employee satisfaction and productivity is tied almost directly to the comfort and cleanliness of the workplace. A properly operating HVAC system contributes to these things by circulating clean, fresh, comfortable air throughout a space. Additionally, a well-maintained HVAC system is an efficient HVAC system, and will provide economical service without worry.

Top 5 Commercial HVAC Tips for Fall

  1. Maintenance and tune-up of a commercial HVAC system is as important in the fall as in other times of the year. These systems are machines, after all, so it’s important to perform tasks such as lubrication of moving parts and replacement of worn or broken ones. Donnelly Mechanical offers a full suite of preventative maintenance options for your system.
  2. Check subsidiary parts of the system for proper function. Fall is a great time of year to get the ducts and blower fans inspected, and maybe even cleaned, to ensure optimal function over the winter months.
  3. Verifying that heating-specific functions of the HVAC system — such as the burner, heat exchanger, and fuel connections — are functional is an important task to undertake prior to cold weather setting in. That way, when the first really cold day arrives, your system will provide flawless, efficient service.
  4. Replacement of the air filter (or air filters) is a task that should be completed regularly throughout the year, but it’s of higher importance in the fall. The filter will have collected dander, dust, and pollen over the summer, lessening its overall efficiency and making the HVAC system work harder to move air.
  5. Installation of a humidifier might be something to consider for the fall. Heated air from a commercial HVAC system is usually drier than unheated air. A humidifier adds a slight bit of moisture to the air, making the interior environment much more comfortable for employees and guests over the winter. Donnelly Mechanical can recommend the best humidifier to use for your application.

For commercial HVAC preventative service and maintenance services in NYC for your class-A office space, contact Donnelly Mechanical at (718) 673-2374 today.

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