New York City’s Only Fully-Integrated Commercial HVAC Indoor Air Quality Solutions Resource

The expert technical support you need to effectively manage the complexities of indoor air quality testing.

Indoor air quality testing is a growing need among building owners and managers because of the effects of poor air quality on the health and comfort of building occupants. Recent studies conclude that proper space temperature and humidity conditions coupled with great indoor air quality reduce illness, sick days and increase employee productivity and happiness in the workplace. Indoor air quality testing, improvement and maintenance is therefore not only good for your tenants, but good for business too.

Donnelly Mechanical has emerged as New York City’s premier provider of large building indoor air quality testing and remediation, including comprehensive commercial HVAC system analysis, maintenance, and modification. With an in-house team of Certified Indoor Environmental Consultants (CIEC) and ASCS licensed air cleaning specialists as well as our vast HVAC service engineering expertise, Donnelly gives you the expert technical support you need to effectively manage the complexities of indoor air quality within your commercial building(s).

Some of Our Indoor Air Quality Services Include:


Our licensed CIEC professional conducts assessments to identify and review indoor air quality concerns. This can be performed as an annual audit, on an as-needed basis, or as part of a custom preventive maintenance program.


Donnelly uses only Licensed Air Cleaning Specialist ASCS 6990870 to supervise specialized cleaning of ductwork and coils, as well as remediation of mold, odors and other indoor air quality issues.


Donnelly offers customized indoor air quality solutions, which can include Enhanced Filtration, Carbon Dioxide Control / Delivery Systems, Ultraviolet Solutions, Bi-Polar Ionization Systems, and Enhanced Ventilation Strategies.

Donnelly Mechanical On The Job

When Hurricane Irene came, they called us up to actually see how we were doing… they were there to help us if we needed storage space or any other kind of assistance. We didn’t even have to call them, they showed concern for their client. That was very impressive.

-Kirkland & Ellis, 601 Lexington, Manhattan