HVAC Cooling Tower Replacement for Electronics Store


This electronics retail store had an underperforming and ineffective HVAC system that included (2) condensing units and (1) air cooled chiller. To cool the store throughout the course of the commercial HVAC cooling tower replacement project, a temporary chiller was required.


A temporary chiller was set up in the rear of the building to provide cooling in the hot summer months. All work areas were thoroughly protected including the roof and interior parts of the building. New equipment for the cooling tower replacement was rigged to the roof of the building overnight as the store was located on a busy street in Downtown Manhattan. New steel dunnage was fabricated to accept the weight and size of the new cooling tower being installed. New refrigeration line sets from the air handling equipment within the store were brought up through a light shaft to the location of the new condensers. This was accomplished by use of a scaffolding basket suspended from the roof


This client was provided with new, updated, and efficient equipment to serve one of their busiest locations. Donnelly was the single point of contact for the entire project and coordinated with both the building management and the client to deliver the right job (cooling tower replacement) and accommodate everyone’s needs – from forecasting scheduling to effectively managing work to minimize disruption to the store and building tenants.

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