Turn-key Cooling Tower Replacement for Electronics Store (NJ)


The cooling tower at this electronic retail stores Paramus New Jersey location was not in working order and needed to be replaced during the hot summer months. To cool the store throughout the course of the replacement project, a temporary chiller was required.


A temporary chiller was set up on the adjacent parking garage to provide cooling to the store during the hot summer months. Full protection was applied to the roof and surrounding areas. The existing tower was decommissioned, disconnected and removed. The top layer of dunnage steel was replaced and existing steel was painted for maximum protection. The new unit and pump were set onto the roof via crane. All electrical and water feeds were re-connected and the new unit was balanced and tested.


Donnelly’s industry-leading project management effectively mitigated the inherent challenges of replacing a cooling tower without interference or customer discomfort during the store’s normal business hours. Donnelly’s turn-key approach provided one point of contact for both the landlord and the retail store, which allowed for a seamless and efficient project that included many moving parts.

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