Turn-key Air Handler Replacement


This 47-story Class A Office Property had an aging inefficient unit serving the lobby that needed to be replaced.  Hallways were tight, pipes were in the way, and this client needed someone they could trust to make this happen with minimal disruption to their building.


Taking place over a long holiday weekend, this project required precise and expert planning and coordination among multiple trades, all while minimizing any disruption to the building operations. All paths from the freight elevator to the unit location were narrow with tight turns – all too small for even a broken-down unit to fit. Masonry walls and equipment cages were removed and replaced to facilitate the rigging of this unit.

Through innovative design adjustments and cooperation between trades, we were able to successfully work around and modify the existing electrical conduit and piping that were tightly packed in the ceiling – as they proved to be in the way.

The housekeeping pad was modified to accept the new unit footprint. Condenser water was re-installed in a more effective location for better access next to the unit.


We were able to finish the project within budget and with no disruption to the busiest part of their building.  The project involved a lot of moving parts and required expert coordination. Donnelly exceeded a flawless turn-key replacement and had the lobby up and running following the long holiday weekend.

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