Turn-key Air Handler Replacement Office Building


Outdated AHUs serving each of the floors in question needed to be replaced, having reached the end of their useful lives. Repair costs were adding up quickly and full-blown unit failure was imminent.


Donnelly Mechanical was contracted to provide a complete turn-key replacement of (7) 30-Ton, and (1) 60-ton air handling units (AHUs), across a total of 8 Mechanical Equipment Rooms.

The scope of work included:

  • Full protection applied to all lobby and elevator areas to prepare for rigging large equipment
  • One floor at a time, each AHU was disconnected, dismantled, and removed during off-business hours
  • Delivery and assembly of the new units were also done off hours, minimizing the disruption to day-to-day business of the condominium owners
  • Once assembled, new piping connections were made between the existing risers and the new units
  • BMS controls were tied into the existing system
  • New duct connections were made to connect the new unit to the existing supply feed
  • All newly installed units where started, tested and balanced – including vibration analysis reporting
  • After work was completed each day, all lobby and elevator areas were cleaned and restored to normal conditions


A complete and functioning AHU replacement was provided to the building with minimal disruption or inconvenience to the occupants of the building. The project was scheduled and coordinated across 8 floors for an overall smooth and reasonably scheduled job. Donnelly was able to provide all of the required services for expert knowledge and experience, executing each requirement of the job tailored to the building’s needs.

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