Manhattan College HVAC Installation


Manhattan College is undergoing a South Campus transformation. This is a new 30,000 square-foot building for the new Higgins Engineering and Science Center. The new building, attaching to the current Engineering Building, Leo Hall, will contain 14 ultramodern labs, needing best in class HVAC equipment.


The new building needed (2) cooling towers and (4) air handling units. Due to the size of the building and use, the project became complex with the need for a strategic rigging order and a ground stability report that was required for the crane.

Two of the four air handling units came in eight pieces which were lowered through an opening in the roof. From there, they were skated into place on the equipment pad so the next piece could be lowered.

Donnelly Mechanical used BIM (Building Information Modeling) to help expose and fix conflicts before the rig and installation began. Donnelly expertly coordinated all trades for this rig.


Set to open for Fall 2020 classes, tight deadlines and a changing scope of work made this project a challenging one, but not impossible. With over 20 on site for the unit rigging we wanted to ensure perfection for the new Higgins Engineering and Science Center.

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